How to Retrieve Picture Files after Factory Reset?

Pictures are one of the best ways to keep track of your past along with your present and future, this is why nowadays people use many of their electronic gadgets to capture and store wonderful pictures. However due to its wide usage these files are more prone to problems like picture file loss. For example consider the below scenario

“My computer was acting strange from the last few days, so a friend of mine suggested me to do a factory reset to solve the problem. I followed my friend’s advice and immediately performed factory reset, not knowing the fact that it will remove complete data from my computer hard disk. Now my hard disk is completely empty, I had many precious picture folders on my computer. So now my question is how to retrieve picture files after factory reset?”

A factory reset is a process, which restores back your computer back to its factory settings. That is, it makes your computer similar to the first day when you bought it. However the main disadvantage is that after performing factory reset all software’s, data, files will be completely removed from your computer. People often perform factory reset for the following reasons:

  • To optimize their computer performance
  • To get rid of bugs or error messages
  • To free up computer space
  • To remove deadly viruses and other malwares etc

How to retrieve deleted / lost picture files after factory reset?

You can easily retrieve your deleted / lost picture files after factory reset with the help of photo recovery software. This software is among the finest recovery utility to retrieve picture files lost / deleted from not only hard disk but also from other storage drives like iPods, flash cards (SD, CF, XD), memory stick, USB drives, portable storage devices etc. To study photo recovery from flash card in detail follow this link.

The tool has a very friendly user interface using which even a person with less technical knowledge can recover his lost pictures. Apart from factory reset, the software also recover picture lost due to below mentioned reasons:

Human Mistakes: Human mistakes like accidentally deleting picture files from iPods, cameras, external hard drives, USB drives, camcorders is one of the most common reason.

Format: Formatting the storage device which had your picture files unintentionally or due to Format Error (“Disk needs to be formatted”). Formatting a storage drive will results in complete picture files from the drive. At this situation make use of photo recovery software to retrieve files from formatted drive. Additional reading …

File system Corruption: In case the file system of the storage drive where your picture files are present corrupt then it also corrupts the files in it resulting in picture file deletion. This type of corruption usually occurs due to factors like switching off the digital camera / camcorder during file transfer, sudden power failure, improper system termination, virus attack etc.

Mishandling the Storage Drive: Picture files are also lost or deleted, if the storage drives where it is stored is used on multiple operating systems like Mac or Windows

Transfer Error: Images from storage drive might get lost if there is any interruption while transferring picture files from storage device like pen drive, memory card, portable hard drive etc to computer or vice versa.

Photo recovery software is the best choice to overcome form above mentioned scenarios. With the help of this tool user can even recover photo files CF card. For more helpful hints refer this site But, for effective recovery you have to remember one thing that is stop using your storage drive to add or save any new data, because adding new files to the drive will result in overwriting of the original data making recovery more difficult. If you didn’t add any new file on your storage drive after data loss,then data retrieval is quite simple with photo recovery software. Using this tool you can even retrieve picture files from Recycle Bin. Go to this website for further information.

Simple steps to retrieve pictures files etc after factory reset:

Step 1: Download and install the Photo Recovery Tool on the computer. Run the software and select “Recover Photos” from the main page of the software and then select “Recover Deleted Photos” option from the next page.

How to Retrieve Pictures Files etc after a Factory Reset - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Then select the drive from where you need to recover deleted photos. Software starts scanning process.

How to Retrieve Pictures Files etc after a Factory Reset - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: After scanning, the recovered files are listed. You can preview the photos ain the "File Type View/ Data View".

How to Retrieve Pictures Files etc after a Factory Reset - View Recovered Images

Figure 3: View Recovered Images

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