Formatted Flash Drive Image Recovery

Don’t Panic!!! We are here to help you out of such trouble!!!

The USB drive is a plug and play device that contains a flash memory with an inbuilt universal serial bus interface. It is used to store both personal and professional data since it is small and portable and can retain data without any external power supply. Therefore, USB drive is the most convenient storage device to store and transfer valuable data as well as preferred for data backup.

However, it will be really shocking if those precious data are lost even from the USB drive due to any reason. Just imagine yourself in a situation, where you were about to copy all the pictures from your pen drive to the hard drive of your computer. Therefore, you plugged your pen drive to your computer and tried to open it. But you encountered an error message like “The disk in drive X: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” and you clicked on the Format option without even realizing what will be the result. You thought the problem will be solved after formatting is over. You could not access the pen drive even after the formatting is over. If you are able to access the USB drive, then also all your precious images are gone due to formatting!!!!

Don’t worry!!! As said earlier, we have a solution to your each problem. If you are thinking that the pictures are gone forever after formatting, then you are wrong. The images will be there in the flash drive even after formatting of the storage device. Only the memory spaces occupied by the photos are marked as available after formatting process. That is why the images are not accessible to the user after flash drive formatting. However, you can easily retrieve them using a powerful image recovery tool to perform photo recovery after accidental formatting. Learn more about the tool by clicking this link

Now you must be wondering about the reason behind the error message you just now got. The error message is called as Format Error in case of storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, external drive etc. This type of error arises due to storage device corruption or improper usage. Corruption may occur due to virus attack, accidental system shutdown or sudden power failure when the USB drive is connected to the computer. Improper usage like abrupt removal of the flash drive while the file transfer between the flash drive and the hard drive of the computer is not completed can also result in Format Error. The software is compatible with any file system on Windows and it can retrieve images from Windows computers very effectively. Hence, you can connect the USB drive to the computer to recover the files from it.

Other than this, the USB drive can be accidentally formatted by the user in many other ways. For e.g. you may click on the Format option unintentionally while copying the contents of it or trying to do something else. In such cases, if proper backup is available then you can easily restore your formatted data. If backup is not available, then you need to use advanced photo recovery tool. In addition, you can employ this software to restore Nikon Camera pictures lost due to improper handling of Nikon camera, virus attacks, etc. To know more information, click here

However, you have to make sure that the formatted photos on the USB drive should not be overwritten with any new files. Therefore, you should keep the USB drive unused until the formatted images are restored using the image recovery tool. The unique features of this software are as follows:

The software supports image recovery both on Windows and Mac OS X. The software can restore photos emptied from Trash Bin on Mac and Recycle Bin in Windows. It recovers photos, audios, videos from formatted / reformatted storage devices like hard drive, pen drive, USB external drives, memory cards, FireWire drives etc. It can restore pictures after the hard drive crashed due to logical error or software malfunction. This tool can restore the images lost from various popular digital camera memory cards. It can even recover accidentally deleted RAW images from DSLR camera with its built in algorithms. The software can retrieve the images even after the storage device corruption. And this tool even comes handy at times when you lost pictures due to system restore. Therefore, it can execute JPEG photo recovery on corrupt memory card in few couple of minutes. The recovery chances can be evaluated by using the demo version of this software. You can even preview the recovered photos before saving them to any particular location.

The few useful steps that are needed to restore pictures from accidentally formatted USB drive are as follows:

Step 1: Right after you download and launch the demo version Image Recovery Program, a welcome screen will be displayed with 3 different options. First select “Recover Photos” option among them and then choose “Recover Lost Photos” option to recover accidentally formatted USB drive pictures

Photo Recovery After - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now, select the USB drive as the logical drive and then click on “Next” option to begin the photo recovery process. Once the recovery process is done, view the recovered pictures to evaluate the photo recovery results.

Photo Recovery After - View Recovered Images

To avoid image loss in the future, the best option is to take a backup of your important images regularly. Use an updated and effective antivirus program to avoid storage device corruption due to virus infections.

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