Recover Images after Emptying Trash on Mac OS X

Need to retrieve photos after emptying the Trash Bin on Mac OS X?

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Have you just emptied the Trash Bin on your Mac based computer and then realized that you had some really important pictures in it!!!! All the pictures that were carrying some of the most memorable moments in your life are gone!!! Had you been remembered few minutes ago, you would have restored just before you clicked on Empty Trash option. But, there is no use of thinking about that. The images are no longer there in your life to flash those old memories!!!

But wait!!! Sit calmly and try to recollect did you delete the photos using “Empty Trash” option or “Secure Empty Trash” option. If you have deleted using “Empty Trash” option, then you are the lucky one. This is because; the files deleted using “Secure Empty Trash” options are permanently deleted. However, the files deleted using “Empty Trash” option, are still recoverable. Using Photo Recovery Tool you can easily recover photos after emptying Trash Bin on Mac. To visit homepage use this url

Trash Bin in Mac OS X works same as that of the Recycle Bin in Windows. The files deleted from the finder of Mac operating system are temporarily stored in the Trash Bin. However, you cannot manually allocate the size to Trash Bin; Mac OS itself allocates its size. Actually, Trash Bin is a folder that can expand its size according to each new deleted file or folder. Therefore, you cannot restrict the size Trash in Mac what you can do in case of Recycle Bin in Windows.

Generally, when you delete a photo, it is stored in Trash Bin. If you feel necessity of that image later, then you can easily restore it back. If you have enabled the “delete command that bypass trash” in file management preferences on Mac, then the deleted files bypasses the Trash instead of getting stored in the Trash folder. Sometimes, the files might get deleted by accidentally selecting Command Delete keys. Even though the files are not there in the Trash Bin, still they can be restored. This is because, when you delete the photos from the Trash Bin by using commands or clicking on Empty Trash option, the Mac operating system removes the entries of those photos from the hard drive directory instead of removing the images actually. Therefore, the deleted pictures become inaccessible to the user creating a misconception that they are permanently erased.

However, the images emptied from Trash Bin may be permanently erased if they are overwritten with some new data. Therefore, it is really important to keep that particular portion of the hard drive that contains the Trash Bin folder unused until the photos are recovered. To perform hard disk photo recovery you should install the image recovery tool onto the volume of your Mac hard drive that does not contain the deleted pictures. Or else you can install the software on any other computer’ hard drive and just connect the affected hard drive during the image recovery process. In case you have lost precious images from Recycle Bin of your Windows based computer, then you can use this software to carry out picture recovery from Recycle Bin on Windows 7, XP, Vista , Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems to get back photo formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, BMP, PSD and RAW image files. Click here to know more.

The photo recovery software employs its powerful search engine to search and locate the deleted photos on the hard drive finally restores them within few minutes. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. It can recover lost pictures even after computer crash in couple of minutes. Other than photos the software can also retrieve deleted / lost audio files and specially the RAW photo files generated by the professional digital camera. It allows you to successfully execute accidentally deleted RAW image recovery on professional DSLRs. Using this application user can even recover photo files from CF card of well-known brands like Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Samsung and many more. If you want to read more about CF card photo recovery process then log on to

It supports photo recovery on various storage devices like hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, USB external drives and many more even if the storage device is corrupted. The software can effectively retrieve JPEG files from corrupt memory card. It can even restore USB flash drive pictures after accidental formatting. The effectiveness of the software can be checked with its demo version. You can even view the restored images prior to saving them actually.

The procedure to retrieve photos after emptying Trash Bin on Mac is as follows:

Step-1: Download free demo version. After launching the software, click on “Recover Files” option then select “Recover deleted Files” option to restore files that are deleted from Trash.

Photo Recovery After - Welcome Screen

Step-2: Select the Mac hard drive from where the files have been deleted. Once the recovery process is done, view recovered data

Photo Recovery After - View Recovered Images

Use Time Machine to take full backup of your data. Always delete unwanted backup files from Time Machine. Disable “delete command that bypass trash” in file management preferences on your Mac system.

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