How to Recover Photos Lost after Computer Crash?

OMG your computer crashed!!! Now the first thought running though your head must be, Is there any way to retrieve photos from your computer? You ended in losing all those pictures containing the priceless moments spent with your family and loved ones. You must be in a confused state of mind what to do and what not to do.

Don’t worry!!! It is pretty much possible to get back all those lost pictures. What you need is the proper photo recovery tool to do picture recovery after computer crash!. Learn more about software at

There are numerous ways a computer could have crashed. You might have suffered a serious system error. A malicious virus can take over your system and corrupt its hard drive. Problems in the Windows registry can lead to serious hard drive failure. Or perhaps it was due to some kind of physical damage. Whatever may be the reason, you will have to recover lost photos quickly before it is too late.

In order to restore pictures from the crashed hard drive, the first thing you need to do is protect the integrity of the lost hard drive data. The photos are there but may be lost forever if you do not follow the proper precautions. Therefore, remove the hard drive and keep it unused until the photos are recover from it.

The PC might have crashed due to any of the following reasons like:

  1. Conflicting security software: The PC may crash, if you have installed two different anti-virus software in it. The two security programs may conflict with each other resulting in computer crash.

  2. Corrupted System Registry files: The registry contains essential files that are interrelated to the performance and integrity of your computer. Sometimes, these files may get misplaced or corrupted due to many reasons. If this happens, then you may face frequent system crash.

  3. New Software: When a new software is installed, many times the new software may not be compatible with the operating system that you are using. This could ultimately cause your PC to crash.

  4. Faulty computer components: The PC crash is also interlinked with faulty computer components. The computer might have crashed due to malfunction of any of its internal parts.

  5. New Hardware: Installation of new hardware to your computer can often causes conflict with the other parts. This may lead to a complete malfunction of the computer resulting in computer crash.

In all these cases, if the hard drive is physically damaged then you need to send it to data recovery lab for hard drive recovery. If the hard drive of the computer is not physically damaged, then you can easily recover the lost photos using photo recovery tool. You can perform image recovery on Windows OS based as well as Mac computers as there is a separate build of the software for both. Go to this site to know in detail.

The image recovery tool is one of the effective photo recovery software that ensures a complete safe and risk free recovery process without affecting the original content of the images. . The software supports recovery on almost all popular multimedia file types like photos, audios, videos and even RAW photo files generated by professional DSLRs like Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Fujifilm, Kodak, Sony, Canon etc. It allows you to retrieve accidentally deleted RAW images from DSLR camera. As this software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, it can easily recover images deleted from Trash Bin on Mac and recycle Bin on Windows OS. The software supports photo recovery on various storage devices like hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, FireWire drives and many more. It can even recover accidentally formatted photos from USB flash drive effectively. If the pictures are lost after storage device corruption, then this software allows you to execute JPEG file recovery on corrupt memory card after file system corruption or virus attack that in few clicks of mouse. The recovered files can be saved to any desired location on your computer’s hard drive. You can even check the effectiveness of the software by using its demo version.

The steps which are necessary to retrieve photos after computer crash are as follows:

Step 1: Remove the hard drive of the crashed computer and connect it to a healthy computer. Then, download and launch the demo version of image recovery tool on that healthy computer’s hard drive. After launching, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen and select “Recover Lost Photos” after that to restore photos lost after computer crash

Photo Recovery After - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now, select the connected hard drive as the drive from which the pictures are to be recovered and then select “Next” option to start the recovery process. Once the recovery process is over, you will be able to view all your lost images recovered from the hard drive

Photo Recovery After - View Recovered Images

Backup your important hard drive files regularly. Clean the Windows registry by using Windows registry cleaning program to avoid registry file corruption. Try to install hardware and software that are compatible with the computer as well as the operating system installed

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users