Get Back Images after Factory Reset on Android

In an ideal world, owning Android powered devices like smart phones and Tablets run like a dream forever. Smart Phones comes with smarter technology empowering users to store photos and videos more clearly and instantly. They enable you to capture photos continuously with automatic shots. However you cannot always expect robust performance out of any devices, because things can go wrong sooner or later. Sometimes it may happen that the applications of your Android device may load slowly and malfunction when they finally do load, device becomes unresponsive or sluggish when you switch it on. At times like this, you will agonize over tweaks and possible fixes or you will spend your valuable time in uninstalling different combinations of applications to make the device function in a better way. But sometimes even after doing so, the problem still persists troubling you at every point of time. In such cases the only way left is to reset the device to its factory settings.

A factory reset operation, reverts your device to the way it was when you brought it and turned it on for the first time. This means it erases all the data from internal and external storage of the device and returns it to the default factory settings. It deletes your Google account, custom settings, system and application data, pictures, text messages, contacts, passwords and downloaded application. After the completion of the factory reset operation your device will operate in the same way as it did, when you switched on for the first time. So, it is always recommended to make sure that you have backed up all the important data before doing reset. If you haven’t backed up important pictures files before carrying out factory reset operation, then sure you will be under severe picture loss. Since pictures are the memories of the precious past moments which you had been, no one desires to lose them. Losing those wonderful pics takes you to the state of anxious. But if you have photo recovery tool with you then easily you can recover pictures after factory reset Android. This tool is highly recommended by many shareware experts all over the world as the best tool available over the internet with ability to get back images after factory reset on Android. Get more details on software at

Mistakes made by human beings are the main reason for loss of images due to factory reset operation. Sometimes it may happen that you inadvertently use the reset button shipped in the Android powered devices while previewing the photos or performing some other operation. This wipes away all your photos leading to severe loss. Other than this one more important reason that stands behind factory reset operation is installation of too many applications on your Android powered device. If you have installed hundreds of applications then your device experiences frequent force closes when any of these applications try to use the same resource at the same time leading to dead lock. This also causes frequent freezing or stalling as you scroll down the home screen. These situations force you to reset your device for better performance. In this context if you haven’t backed up the device then you will be under severe loss. but using photo recovery tool you can easily and quickly recover pictures after factory reset Android.

However, irrespective of the reason behind picture loss you can always get back your photos with the help of photo recovery tool. This tool is equipped with powerful recovery algorithms that scan the drive sector by sector and restore Android photos after factory reset that lie beyond manual recovery. The software not only knows how to recover photos after factory format in Android phone; but also knows to get back photos from hard drive, flash drive, fire wire drive, memory card, external hard drive etc. It can recover pictures after factory reset Android device, the pictures including JPEG, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, TIF and RAW image file formats can be recovered. The simple interface of the software allows any amateur user to get back images after factory reset on Android without facing any complications. With this smart utility it is easy to perform photo recovery from iPod. Refer the given link to enquire more about iPod photo recovery

This outstanding application can restore Android photos after factory reset on all the latest versions of the Windows operating systems. To more info about picture recovery on Windows OS read this page. Just use the trial version of the application to judge the capacity of the software. If you sucessfully recover pictures after factory reset Android from trial version go ahead and buy the complete version of the software to save recovered pictures. This recovery program even supports photo deleted recovery from Photo Booth application. You want to know how to get back photos deleted from photo booth then visit this page.

Note: It is considered to be the best digital photo recovery software for Macintosh line of computers and laptops. With the help of this tool you can easily restore digital pictures on Mac after deletion or loss.

Learn how recover Android photo after factory reset:

Step 1: In order to recover pictures after factory reset Android, download and install the Demo version of photo recovery tool on the healthy computer. Run the software and then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the main screen to restore Android photos after factory reset.

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset Android - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Android powered device from which pictures are to be recovered and click on “Next” button to get back images after factory reset on Android.

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset Android - Select Device

Step 2: After the completion of scanning process, list of recovered picture files will be dispalyed. Select required picture and save on to some trust worthy device of your choice.

Recover Pictures after Factory Reset Android - Recovered pictures